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  1. To provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees by establishing safety guidelines and supplying safety training.  This will ensure the best possible service to our customers and our goal is, and will always be, zero accidents. 
  2. To provide training and allow employees higher education opportunities in specialized services to provide personal improvement and growth and top-quality services to business clients.  
  3.  To open "support" departments in the contracting business, as needed, including administrative; payroll; human resources; and sales/recruiting departments, offering several employment opportunities to our members and the community.  
  4. To open new divisions of C.O.L.A Contracting Services Non-Profit Organization, with specialized services to employ more contractors and serve more business clients and also improve services provided to communities in the St. Louis area.   
  5.  Generate earnings to invest in other Circle of Light Associates' projects, which will enhance the community and benefit families.
  6. Offer community safety training, mentoring and coaching to the under-served in the St. Louis and surrounding area.

​​​about us

C.O.L.A Contracting Services aims to invest in the community by offering part-time, temporary, permanent job opportunities at businesses in the St. Louis area. 

The Safety & Administrative Division offers reliable services to companies in need of specialized safety abilities, including respirator fit-testing, training, inspections, and safety coordinator duties, as well as general administrative duties. 

CONTRACTING & Safety Administration

Services provided:

  • OSHA General Industry Training Classes
  • National Safety Council CPR/First Aid/AED
  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course
  • Respirator Fit-testing
  • Safety &Administration