We follow the Missouri Substance Abuse Professional Credentialing Board 12 Core Functions:

  • screening; 
  • intake; 
  • orientation; 
  • assessment; 
  • treatment planning; 
  • counseling; 
  • case management; 
  • crisis intervention; 
  • client education; 
  • referral; 
  • reports and record keeping;
  • professional consultations for client treatment/services

Program featured on KMOV, Fox 2, and KSDK

C.O.L.A. Support and Recovery Center has a unique way of managing and interacting with substance abusers during and after the recovery stage. Our model describes the process of recovery through spirituality - a concept that has many successes and few failures.

Substance abuse is widely recognized as a serious social and legal problem and the use of illegal drugs may be responsible for more than 25% of property crimes.

Affordable housing is a major component for a successful recovery program and as C.O.L.A. is working relentlessly to provide a transitional housing program.

Everyone is exposed to both risk and protective factors for substance abuse. The more risk factors a young person encounters, the more likely he or she will use harmful substances. However, the more protective factors a young person encounters, the less likely he or she will try alcohol, tobacco or drugs. 

We have a proven prevention plan available to help everyone that is suffering from the emotional pain of addiction. 

For more information, please call us at 314-381-4225 or email us at colasupportandrecovery@gmail.com.

Support and recovery

Providing Preventative support