teen awareness

COLA Teen Awareness is devoted to enriching and inspiring the lives the youth in the Baden and surrounding communities of the St. Louis area.

With programs that build and enhance knowledge, self-esteem and leadership abilities, teens will be equipped with opportunity and knowledge they need to excel. We diligently and passionately strive to support our youth with mental, physical, economic, social, emotional and spiritual health. 

Teen Awareness is a  "service learning" youth program established to prevent and discourage at-risk behavior in youth, ages 10 to 19.
Service learning is one third of our program and provides teens with an opportunity to experience real world application of academic and functional skills, and at the same time provides much needed services to our communities.

We address current social issues facing our youth through age appropriate programs that build and enhance abilities to cope with peer pressure and other social pressures they encounter. 

It is the expectation that every youth who walks through our doors will be presented with a wealth of opportunities and knowledge so they may establish and achieve realistic goals in order to reach their fullest potential in home, school and community.  

What we offer

  • Cooking classes; 
  • Gardening;
  • Health and wellness classes;
  • Character building activities;
  • Prevention workshops;
  • ​Group college visits

For more information, please call us at 314-382-8759 or email us at colateenawareness@gmail.com.

supporting our youth