The C.O.L.A Victory Garden opened in June 2010, sponsored by Thomson-Reuters. It is utilized by those who are in a diversion program or local program serving at-risk youth to provide a learning environment that will aid in providing them with a marketable skill.

The garden provides a peaceful atmosphere, helping our youth to connect with and respect their environment through recycling. Ina addition, the ability to properly grow, harvest, prepare and eat healthy, chemical-free vegetables.

The produce is not sold, but is given to the Grass Roots Food Pantry for distribution. The Victory Garden helps encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship and responsibility.

It is located on an acre of land at 10832 Bellefontaine Rd. 

​​Partnering with Midwest Recycling Center, we have placed cell phone recycling bins in the following locations:

  • Circle of Light Associates Non Profit Organization, 8759 Annetta, St. Louis, MO  63147
  • Down Home Elegance Banquet Facility, 10832 Bellefontaine Rd., St. Louis, MO 63137
  • Circle of Light Associates Non Profit Organization, 320 Brookes Dr., Suite 216, Hazelwood, MO  63042

Items accepted: used cell phones, manuals, chargers, cell phone batteries, and accessories

C.O.L.A not only seeks to improve the lives of individuals within the community, but also the environment where they live and work. Check out the ways we sustain the St. Louis community below.

Taking care of Our community

solar energy

Sustainability efforts

Through renewable energy and Brightergy's Solar Lease program, we have found a way to help with our utility costs, as well as make an environmental impact.

Visit our plants here:

For more information on the Brightergy Solar Lease program, click here.

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